English Bible study


English Bible study

Hello All!

We’ll be glad to have you (all). Here’s the link for this Friday, 2nd October:

The topic this Friday is ”IS THERE ONLY ONE WAY TO GOD?” Main Scripture ingredient is John 14:6
This study is important for us to ground our conviction of Jesus being the only way to God and what we do with that knowledge. In our world today, it is difficult for the believer to declare Jesus as the only way. Oprah Winfrey said this in 2008, ”There are millions of ways to GodThere are as many ways to God as there are religions, philosophies, and other beliefs! And they all end in judgment.”  The growing belief that there are other ways to God has made tolerance more prominent than truth. When Christians declare that the way to God is Jesus and that is true, they are labelled ”intolerant and narrow-minded”. We can only encourage ourselves with God’s word, His truth, in order to ready ourselves to answer everyone who asks us for the reason for our hope.
Friday, 2nd October, 6-8 pm, on zoom.
See you there.


6:00 pm October 02, 2020
8:00 pm October 02, 2020

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